***Dorthy Fix "The Darkness" (2007) ASC 1007*** Montana & Jimmie's second full length release. Recorded at home in the dark of winter with the heat off. Tracks include: In the Back of my Mind, How Many Lovers? The Darkness, Montana Shuffle, Pycho Girls, 7 Years, Old Instrumental, To the Damned From the Damned

***Dorthy Fix "Yourself"(2005) ASC 1006*** Montana & Jimmie's first full length release. Tracks include: Anymore, We Are Here 4 U, In the Country, New Instrumental, Dive In, Tanning, Someday, It's so easy If You Should Have a Child, You Better Believe It, Wish You Well and Lucky Human

***Fargo Winter Carnivale 2004 ASC 1005*** Recorded Live @ the Fargo Theatre Feb. 7th 2004, Featuring Leo Rondeau + The Rambler, Broken Face, Ken Parker, Manchester Buldge, Josh Harty, When the Dime Falls, Strong Like Bear, Artbreaker, Me & the Man, Dorthy Fix, Sigcell, Brenda Weiler + Kid Dakota, Nic Garcia, When Something Fails, Fake, Badimo, June Panic, My Impending Watery Grave, Adam Hagen, St. Vitas, Les Dirty Frenchmen, The Chris Danforths* CD enchanced to view photos of the event
***Fargo Winter Carnival 2003 ASC 1004*** Recorded Live at the Fargo Theatre Feb. 8th 2003. Features: Josh Harty, 20 Second Bomb, Neverwill, Manchester Buldge, Not to Be Mixed with Chemicals, When the Dime Falls, Brian Johnson, The Tarryers, Lost for Cause, Fake Project, Dorthy Fix, The Sin Horses, When Something Fails, St Vitas, The Deaths, Badimo, Party Store Minnows, Blood Dries Black* CD enchanced to veiw art shown at event. Packaging includes trading cards, compass, and rope tricks.
  ***"Motercycle Book" by Amber Fletschock ASC 1003*** Illustrated Story of One Girls Longing for a Chopper -30 pages-


***Stene Racing "Salvaged Olds" ASC 1002***Chris Witt & Danny Roaden's Finale as Stene Racing 11 Songs Compiled Over 4 Years of Recording. Guest appearances by St. Vitas, Jodi Hedstrom, Sarah Weiler, Don Rennor & Amber
***Dorthy Fix & Nic Garcia Split 7 Inch ASC 1001*** DF tracks include: "Blow" & "Broken Heart Parade" Nic Garcia track: "Great Distance"