March 12, 2020

Wilderness of Being

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Dehydrated, angry and sad
stubborn self willed
mechanical man
his hand
once again
to the Truth dealer.

Taken for granted
my love is out
of fashion
breaking spiritual laws
a pastime?
or perverted passion?

Guided by guides
still blind
after so many lives
each time you fall
you lose
your wings.

Saturn Pluto conjunction
what’s my function?
contradictions abound
I miss your being
the one you haven’t found.

Day Gun

February 26, 2020

Slip N’ Slide

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Lower self slip n’ slide
grab the hose and wet the ride.

Noose trip fall booby trap
self inflicted vice price wrath.

There must be a higher path
walked by those who under-stand.

That once you open the gate
demons flood a poisoned fate.

Well here I go, so long for now
may we rise and meet in Love

Day Gun

February 12, 2020

Stay With Luv

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December 5, 2019

Light in the Dark

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Fear go round
mind loop clown. 
What Truth be found in this? 

Earth ground. 
Cosmos bound. 
Smile a no see bow. 

I Love You. 
Lonely one 
you're not the only one. 

What else should it be? 
Remind me. 
Unwind me. 
Be kind and free.

There is a step there 
so step up. 

Day Gun


August 29, 2019

Just a Nut

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Just a nut

in a rut.

Not a mutt, but a King

that my Queen can no longer see.

Bees, bees, bees.

It’s all about the be-ease.

What comes after wits’ end?

Shadow mapping or just pretend?

Love me flaws and all

or just let me be.

It’s all about the be-ease.

Day Gun

August 12, 2019

No Picnic

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Rebellion seeds fall

from the resentment tree.

All shaken loose

stand back

just You watch Me.

It’s not enough with REALity Love

takes 2 transcending karma

2 become like doves.

Trust only in The Divine

everyone else lost

blind in mind.

Fear may have won this round…

endurance test

will Love rebound?

Day Gun

August 11, 2019

Hurt Bag

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Stuffed in the hurt bag

Been here 4 weeks

Trip on my lip

What do I seek?

Waiting around for healing to take

Dark feelings found while thinking mistake

Hope took a walk lost in the woods

My Love for You strong

stand tall and do good

Day Gun

August 10, 2019

Pluto 7th House

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Walking 4 answers

Talking through trauma

Riding the seas of patience and drama

Fleas on Pluto’s back

Vaccine slap boom

A chance at at True Love

worthy of wounds

Heart Fire, Soul Fire returned

Thank You this life

I strive 2 learn

Day Gun

January 27, 2019

Take Back Your Light!

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Click the flyer to access the “Take Back Your Light” intention event!

December 12, 2018

Free Dumb

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We like you best nice and sleepy
Count the sheep and don’t be weepy. 
Pay no mind all is fine
Let us pour you more red wine.
You say it hurts when awake?  
For heavens sake, take this and this to find escape. 
Do monsters hide under the bed?  
We demons lie behind the curtain sleepy head. 
Day Gun

July 10, 2018

LUV in Disguise

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 Day Gun Live at the Nemeth Art Center 6.9.18 Photo by Jeremy Simonson

 LUV in Disguise

March 25, 2018

Birds Fly in Pairs

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January 19, 2018

Lone Some Luv

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January 14, 2018

Pull My Finger

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Shadows surface killer whale
Shark fin lockless monster tale.  
Hold the reigns this woolly mammoth
Pull my finger trickster hand fist.
Let me kiss you here goodnight
Sweet dreams fight lucid fright.
Talking back to the mirror
You could use a trim hear hear.
What you will until fulfilled
Nothing’s free there is a bill.  
Day Gun

January 9, 2018

Wanna fight? I bite.

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Heard your heart beating. 
            A tap on the window…let me in…let me in
                                                                                                              bad directions brought you
You want my body to burn?  Burn it
You want bones to break?  Break them
Take   it   all   out on me. 
Then be free. 
For awhile 
Until another triggers your belief.
                                                                            Summon the witch mob if you like, but remember I bite.
                                                                 Day Gun

December 29, 2017

Winter Me

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Wait.   Wait.   Rest.
Winter me. 
Everything in
the Great Hollow Tree. 
A warm whisper tongue
sings it true.
Some days I get it wrong,
someday flowers bloom. 
Some days I fled to run
from falling night. 
Quiet heals,
reflection brings sight.
The time is ripe,
ripe for you.
To say I Love,
I Love You True.
 Day Gun

December 24, 2017

Trophy Hunt

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Dear ones beware,
there are trophy hunters out there
who long to skin bare
your conquered carcass without care.
Never real or sincere,
your love a meal for their lair.
For until you prepare
to shield yourself for spiritual warfare,
the wild horse of your heart
may be mounted like a trophy hunt.
Day Gun
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