March 5, 2021

Cancer is Cure

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Stand on your head
pretend like you're dead
read right to left
sing like you're deaf
act not bereft
ignore grand life theft.

Now can you see
backwards disease
lost not a way
played as a game
deceived you and me
things - can - only - be....

Just like they are
mind crafted war
curtain control
torn to shreds
no longer a blur
cancer is cure.

Day Gun

March 4, 2021


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Existence: a mental titty twister 
I tell you this sweet brother sister
not only to make you giggle
but 2 let you know there is room 2 wiggle
out from under the heaviest shackles
our perspective is where we grapple
up and out of karma pit
custom dug for ancestor line
our unique soul mission sent from The Divine.

Trick is we can't do it alone
surround yourself with others who know
how to break through collective curse
created by those focused on worst
possible critique of what is
missing beauty power within
spin it all 2 the good
anytime you find yourself
lacking freehood.

From now on this our pact
if one slouches
other cracks back.

Day Gun

March 1, 2021

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February 28, 2021

Piece of Work

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I've played the villain
been called the devil 2
some may say I'm trigger happy
a tree huggin' hippy 2
ah shucks y'all what can I say
I'm a piece of work just like you
careful what you throw my way
boomerang mirrored reflection
just might stone you and your little dog Toto 2.

Day Gun

February 26, 2021

Secret Angel

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who sent you
or should I say what

knock at the door
call from a prison cell

All the while I choose
heaven over hell

doesn't mean you're mean
rather just curiosity

killed the cat
or at least what we had

whatever that was
twisted tricky test buzz

electro shock therapy
probably leaves more answers

then conversations
in my head

when I ring the bell
it's time for bed.

Day Gun

February 24, 2021

Exalted Venus

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I see your beauty
can you see it

will you try
2 talk me out of
this experience

will you say
harsh things
2 invalidate me

will you run away
and hide 2 ignore me

will you choose fear
rather than hear
this vocal mirror

well dear
nothing you can do
will blur my vision

someday someone adores
this exalted Venus
natal position.

Day Gun

February 22, 2021

Ruled by Sun

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Ruled by Sun
Leo company
so much fun

why the angry surprise
when another batts an eye
towards your mane
sacred way

best claim
fact of being
voices whispering otherwise

take it from a Hermit prepper
your destiny
shine like the heavens

expect this
men women want you
even with
fools galore

world needs wild roaring
our battle evermore
when the levee breaks
healing freedom found
no better time
wear zodiac crown.

Day Gun

February 20, 2021

Artsy Fartsy

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“Job Rebuked by his friends” by Willam Blake
I farted 
in a room
full of artists
to see if they'd catch
my drift
be something I ate
gut wrenching distaste
what is becoming perfectly clear
blind, deaf, dumb, dumb and dumber
lost peers
whistling dixie sissy fear
long past point of ad nauseam
broken psyche chasm
paralyzed by propaganda
sell out your freedom
give away your soul
2 protect grandma
inject what you're told
without a second thought
best of luck
all of your

Day Gun

February 16, 2021

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February 9, 2021

“Current” Events

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underworld rulers
can't stop us rising

salacious season finale style
fear string bowing

aims 2 maintain current-see
will you still feed this food stream

collective phase
shadow exposure
transitioning away
from old world order

no rhyme
or reason
at first glance
authentic last chance
2 trust God's plan

man, woman, brother, sister, mother
Truth can be
found in through

after All this
you'd never guess
we find love 2

Day Gun

February 7, 2021

Game Start

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It doesn't have to be strip poker
just gracefully discard the new world order
I call on you to flip the game
build reality better
frame by flame
play the sculptor
paint lovelier pictures
suture all our broken pieces
create brighter

Peacefully preserve positivity
persistently protect playful perspective
now powerful person
see your beauty
true reflection

What you ingest
with eyes, ears, mouth
fuels or sinks your ship
fear based cargo abound
dump the junk before sunk
if you're scared
red herring

Power forever
in your hands
make the most of life

Day Gun

February 3, 2021

Funny Honey

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When you ask God for a girlfriend
and somewhere in the chain of command
your personal pussy prayer request
gets messed up :)

Day Gun

February 2, 2021

Law of Lagoon

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Lagoon by Maarten Donders
The company we keep
we sleep
or not

Pinch yourself
2 tell
if awake
or fake bait
has been swallowed

Wholly or hollow
our body
of work
for now
at the cracks
in your armor
who, what, where, why and how
might fear
your tower

Babling bullshit brook
everywhere you look
take heed
our time
2 be
2 be

Day Gun

January 29, 2021

Angry Angels

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It's fine to be angry
just don't burn the place down
best leave that to God.

The friction of fiction
on finding
rather than
floating in

Nonsense narrative
fuels consent
2 get bent
so focus on creating
what comes next
of bending over

Wolves exist in the forest
preying on lost souls
who can't see
predators from the trees
free spirits know
the only way Home
is 2 pray
2 be shown
the way.

Day Gun

January 22, 2021

Teeth, Toilets and Tits

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Am I ready
2 love again
has it been
long enough
is it safe
is it ever
I want the company of women
4 heaven
in this life
all the way
to the very last day
the moment when
I kick the cocoa bucket.

Day Gun

January 19, 2021

Dr. Swift

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You are so lovely
much taller than I remember
those deep blue eyes
open the sky
you know how to make the sun shine
even in the dark winter

what did you think of the smell I left on the green heart shirt
will we ever take a hike together
or should I just massage myself from neck to knee

Day Gun

Butchers & Drug Pushers

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License to kill 
perverted prescription fill
unholy lab coat priestly class
cuckoo clueless crazy & crass
eugenics driven doctoring
venomous vaccine plan
inject yourself first
phony physician
kiss my grit, kiss my ass

Malicious magicians
cancer spell casters
scalpel cut predators
profit driven non-care
soul selling specialist
butcher happy circumcisionist
drug pushing prescriptionist
all in the name

Take this as a warning
your germ war ways
are waning
the body temple a terrain
we heal ourselves
from now on
your wicked age of pain
no longer will we play
this allopathic charade.

Day Gun

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