August 11, 2015

Dorthy Fix Minneapolis Show Aug. 24th

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May 7, 2015

DF in DL at High Noon on Mothers’ Day!

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March 4, 2015

Dorthy Fix & Amanda Standalone in Fargo, March 28th!

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December 7, 2013

THE Longest Night.

DFCurved copy

Dear Campers,

It’s that cold, dark time of year again; time when the sun seems SO far away, causing the short days to meld together as we make our journey to the Winter Solstice & Longest Night Music Festival!

This will be the third year in a row Dorthy Fix will share the stage at the NY Mills Regional Cultural Center with performers from around the region.

If you have yet to experience the Longest Night Festival, you best brave the cold and get your sweetness (or bitterness;) out to see what the regional music scene has to offer!

Rumor has it, new kid in the neighborhood: BUFFALO SKIN may even make an appearance!  



May your solstice be stress free and peaceful…it’s up to you to make that happen!

Lovingly yours,






October 18, 2013

ATTENTION! It’s up to you silly.

Attention Campers!

We have all been duped.  From the get go of your life, even before you took your first breath, chances are the meddling began.   But before I go any further, stop; take a few DEEP breaths…step back from everything you’ve been told up to this point in your life.  Ok, now that you’ve given yourself a little time, let’s just say (for FUN!) that we humans actually choose when and where to come into this world.   Yep, we chose the situation, no matter how great or crappy it is; this is where we need to be.  Why?  Well, maybe you’ve lived many many many many lives before this and the situation where you find yourself, is right where you need to be to grow and develop as a spirit.  AND just possibly, this is a situation where you saw an opportunity to help change this twisted world we live in!

What?  “You mean that I didn’t come here to buy stuff”?  Thats right, looking at things from back here (remember we took a step back from what we’ve been told:) it seems like the reason we are here is to work our little life away, trying to make enough paper to survive.  The more paper you have, the more stuff you can buy in hopes of trying to feel better about living in this unnatural society?  Now, what if you had been brought up to speed on this intel from the get go?  Would you use this knowledge to better yourself and our home (EARTH) or would you spend your time manipulating others?  Either way for the IN-MAN or the out, it all ends quickly and in the same way.  SO, it’s really just up to you silly!

If you find yourself unhealthy and unhappy (rather than questioning your sanity), question what you’re ingesting through your eyes, ears and mouth!  If the time you are spending is leaving you unfulfilled, (your work) spend your time doing things that you enjoy.  If you have had it with the propped up charade that has been presented to US as; “just the way things are”, STOP BUYING into it.   Sure, nothing happens over night, but the more of US that start on a path to a new way, the quicker we will get there together.  We all have a unique perspective and role to play in this great unfolding drama.  Make the most of your part in hopes of not having to come back to play the same role over again!

Like the Dorthy Fix song says; “Together may we break the chains of the old ways”!

Lovingly Yours,


P.S.  Dorthy Fix will perform with Beware the Vine Oct. 25th at the Creamery in New York Mills & 26th at the Palmer House in Sauk Centre; so check them out!

May 30, 2013

“Heavy Meddle” has begun!

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Dear Fellow Campers,

It has been long enough.  Finally we have started to record the Dorthy Fix double album: “Heavy Meddle”!  I attribute the 6 year delay from our last album “The Darkness” to fear and lack of time.  With our past recording projects, we set ambitious goals of recording an album in a month just before hitting the road on tour, assembling the albums along the way!  We promised to never put ourselves through that rushed process again.  As you may or may not know recording an album yourself is hard and kind of yucky.  Each project pulls a small chunk out of your being, never to be seen again.  This fear of loss has been a sub-conscience anchor preventing the DF ship from sailing.  The time factor has been an excuse as well, being up rooted every few weeks made it hard to focus on a project of this scale, but now there are no excuses!  The world needs this album!  And if we don’t get it out soon, the universe may just come a’knocking to repossess the songs!  So, we may be hard to find for awhile and if you need me I’ll either be in the garden or the studio.  Just place your ear up to the door, before knocking!

Lovingly yours,

Jimmie Fix


March 24, 2013

Smokey’s Debut!

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February 9, 2013

Two Chances to Catch Dorthy Fix!

Dear Campers,

The duo Dorthy Fix will be making two pubic appearances in February 2013.  You can catch them at the Northsider Tavern in Moorhead, MN on Friday the 22nd.  DF will share the corralled stage with:  Alien Brain & the Jugular Vein, The Boss Cello Quartet and Chrissie Jo and the Gob.  This show is scheduled to start at 10 pm sharp, so come on out and reconnect with independent music in Moorhead!

The very next night: Saturday the 23rd; Dorthy Fix will make the trek up north to perform at Ojata Records in Grand Fortks.  
The sounds of DF will mingle in the atmosphere with the likes of:  Al DeSautel, Silver Coins, Smiles A Lot and Taylor Strauss.  This is an all ages show that starts at 8pm with an $8 dollar cover.

Two thousand thirteen marks a decade of music making for Dorthy Fix!  This winter weekend getaway will present DF a chance to debut many new songs from their upcoming double album “Heavy Meddle”.   Looking forward to casting audio magic across the land…come check it out!

December 18, 2012

Winter Solstice = Longest Night Music Festival!


Dear Campers,

For the second year in a row Dorthy Fix will perform at the Longest Night Music Festival in New York Mills:

Last year DF had a blast getting to meet and hear other performers from this area.  Can’t think of a better way to spend this once in a many many lifetime Winter Solstice that coincides with the end of the Mayan Calendar!  Yes, exciting times we are living in my friends!!  What is gonna happen?  Who knows, but no matter what when we come together as a community we will over come.

This portion of the seasonal cycle is the perfect time to reflect on your past year’s experiences.  Did your intentions for the year bear fruit?   No matter what, I doubt that anyone will forget 2012 any time soon.  With the increase of light we can start to plan for the new year and new round of intentions at the Spring Equinox.  How are you gonna take the wheel of your life and steer it in a better direction?   As always, we are so very thankful to share this experience with you dears.

Peace is where it’s at!


Ralph E. Cook

August 4, 2012

Catch Dorthy Fix in Fargo and St. Croix Falls!

Dear Campers,

You will be able to hear what Dorthy Fix has been up to on Aug. 16th at the Red Raven in Fargo and at Planet Supply/Red Bird Music store in St. Croix Falls, WI on Aug. 18th!  These two shows along with Aug. 17th in Minneapolis will be with friends Leon Boots.  Together the two groups will be spreading the word for this year’s Barter Fest: September 22nd, 2012.  Hope to see you out!

July 16, 2012

Wooded Hearts, Leon Boots & Dorthy Fix to perform in Minneapolis Aug. 17th!

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Dear Campers,

Wooded Hearts, Leon Boots and Dorthy Fix will perform a show at the Acadia Cafe in Minneapolis on Aug. 17th, 2012.  Here is a link for more info on the show:!/tc/live-music?detailID=26971

Hope to see you there!

P.S. Watch for more DF shows coming soon.


September 23, 2011

Barter Fest 2011…one to remember!

Dear Everyone,

We would like to extend a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all who attended, performed, and bartered at this year’s Barter Fest. The feelings of mutual respect, friendship and caring for one another was indescribable. Thank you to the organizers and participants of the 10 Billion beats global intention drumming…your/our intentions still radiate out from this place. Many thanks to those who traveled far and wide to join us. To the performers, thank you for sharing inspiration. You will forever be found in the ultimate jukebox. To all of you who asked to help and made it happen…it wouldn’t have happened without you. To the City of Hewitt, who allowed such an event to take place in the heart of the village, thank you. Thank you to the Hewitt’s Lions Club, STEP, the 5 Wings Arts Council, and Sound Central. We are so grateful to Everyone of YOU. YOU made it what it was.

Tons of Love,

The Abandoned Scout Camp

September 10, 2011

How 2 get to Barter Fest?

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Click below for a map to Barter Fest:

August 21, 2011

While you wait for Barter Fest September 17th, 2011…

Check out Squib at Last year’s event:

Check out Dorthy Fix performing at last year’s event:

Check out Leon Boots performing last year:

July 20, 2011

Dorthy Fix at Lamar Music Festival!

Dear Campers,

Dorthy Fix will perform at this year’s Lamar Music Festival August 6th, 2011!   You can check out the festival line up here. Also, preparations for this year’s  Barter Fest  September 17th, 2011 have begun.  Those interested in helping out this year please contact camp administrator Ralph E. Cook for guidance.

All our best,


June 15, 2011

Lose the motors to get to Eden.

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Dear Campers,

This past weekend Dorthy Fix was able to sneak away and explore near by Glendalough state park. The park is completely none motorized which led to a much needed peaceful getaway.  We imagined it being very close to what the garden of Eden was like.  Unfortunately there was no tree of knowledge to be found, but there were plenty of June bugs.

May 16, 2011

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