August 13, 2019

Fargo Song

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May 30, 2013

“Heavy Meddle” has begun!

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Dear Fellow Campers,

It has been long enough.  Finally we have started to record the Dorthy Fix double album: “Heavy Meddle”!  I attribute the 6 year delay from our last album “The Darkness” to fear and lack of time.  With our past recording projects, we set ambitious goals of recording an album in a month just before hitting the road on tour, assembling the albums along the way!  We promised to never put ourselves through that rushed process again.  As you may or may not know recording an album yourself is hard and kind of yucky.  Each project pulls a small chunk out of your being, never to be seen again.  This fear of loss has been a sub-conscience anchor preventing the DF ship from sailing.  The time factor has been an excuse as well, being up rooted every few weeks made it hard to focus on a project of this scale, but now there are no excuses!  The world needs this album!  And if we don’t get it out soon, the universe may just come a’knocking to repossess the songs!  So, we may be hard to find for awhile and if you need me I’ll either be in the garden or the studio.  Just place your ear up to the door, before knocking!

Lovingly yours,

Jimmie Fix


March 10, 2013

Leon Boots record in the works!

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Dear Campers,

Work continues on the new Leon Boots record which the cards are saying will be released sometime in 2013.  Darin & Aaron have been writing & playing music together since before they were old enough to drive and in the early days they would travel to practice by boat across the lake.  Over the years these boys have shared multiple projects including amazing bands like: “Aaron America” and “United”.  We feel so very fortunate to be assisting with the Leon Boots project.  I have posted a few works in progress from the new album at:

2013 has already been one hell of a year and we’ll be to the Spring Equinox in 10 days!  Do you have your intentions ready for the ancient new year: the Spring Equinox?  Trust me: this is the REAL time to set your goals for the year.  Together let’s keep the magic flowing!  Our gifts and abilities are growing stronger day after day and if we join forces; there’s no telling what we can create!   As always, so glad to share this experience with you.

Yours always,




June 11, 2012

Hey, it’s been awhile!

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Dear Campers,

Yeah, it’s been awhile!  Hope you are taking advantage of the wonderful Summer so far.  This evening we finished planting the garden here at the Abandoned Scout Camp.  This ends the 3+ month process of starting seedlings in doors and in the cold frame and then finally transplanting outside.  It appears that this year’s crop could be better than ever.  It amazes me how the gardens keep multiplying year after year.  Someday we hope to lose the yard completly and only have gardens!  (Smokey would not care too much for this.)  Well we have been busy, I promise.  Music making is in the air and in the hall.  Leon Boots spent this past weekend at camp laying down more tracks for their upcoming album to be released on A.S.C.  You can listen in to this and other projects at:

Our attention has also turned to this year’s Barter Fest September 22nd, 2012.  You will find Leon Boots, The Juggernauts and many more acts to be announced over the next few months at this year’s Barter Fest.  This one is not to be missed!  For real.

Love always,

Ralph E. Cook

April 30, 2012

Leon Boots comes to town to ROCK!

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Dear Campers,

This past weekend Leon Boots took advantage of some bartered studio time and rocked out/recorded 11 tracks in one day!  These boys have been playing music together for  25 years and not since the days of the band “United” have they released any music, but this will soon change with an up coming release on the Abandoned Scout Camp.    Stay tuned!

Yours truly,

Ralph E. Cook



December 8, 2011

A Dream Come True?

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Dear Campers,

This past Monday I awoke from a dream in which Amanda Standalone & Karen Townsend visited The Abandoned Scout Camp for a day of recording.  In this dream these talented ladies laid down track after track of incredible music while braving the cold winter weather inside the studio.  The dream turned into a nightmare when both the reel to reel machine and digital back up broke down!  Lucky for us my new computer is able to connect to your brain and recreate dreams.  Now this is technology!  Check it out:

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