January 27, 2017

Wild Rice Festival 2017 – Save the Date!

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January 2, 2017

The Cusp of What I Am

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I am the arctic wind on a moonlit winter’s night.
I am the warm summer breeze lakeside in the shade. 
I am the shattering quake sent to bring you to your knees.
I am the long smooth rock you lay across to soak up the Sun.
I am the funnel cloud nightmare from your childhood dreams come true.
I am the lift in your kite that takes you to new heights.
I am the cracked and blistered drought ridden valley floor.
I am the moist fertile soil where seeds sprout and trees grow.
I am the dust devil that blows up your skirt.
I am the breath used to ignite the fire from the hot bed of coals.
I am the catch for all sprayed poison on its way to the rivers.
I am home for fungus and food for the worms.
I am the rolling thunder soundtrack to your lovers’ quarrel.
I am the gust that frees the milkweed seeds from their pods.

I am molten lava violently released to build mountains and islands.
I am the solid bedrock used to anchor skyscrapers.
I am the place where you lay your graduated loved ones to rest.
I am the whisper prayer of thanks for this life.


Day Gun


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