August 27, 2017

3 Shots

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Three shots from a passivist’s home
(This is what happens when I’m left alone).
1.)  Body life in this world is hard
Many do what they can to speed up their end. 
2.)  Society is nuts and corrupt
Successors in the charade march in a death parade. 
3.)  What do you feed with your life?
It’s never too late to rise above strife. 
Day Gun

August 6, 2017

Standing Dead

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Stuck, struck and sucked by fear
Can’t move 
Only down.
Just, like before and before and before
Be for your Self.
A tapping foot gateway,
open door to the dance floor. 
Process is play
shadow and day.
Light and night 
Your own steps, right
where you need to be.
Will, You dance with me!
Day Gun

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