December 29, 2017

Winter Me

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Wait.   Wait.   Rest.
Winter me. 
Everything in
the Great Hollow Tree. 
A warm whisper tongue
sings it true.
Some days I get it wrong,
someday flowers bloom. 
Some days I fled to run
from falling night. 
Quiet heals,
reflection brings sight.
The time is ripe,
ripe for you.
To say I Love,
I Love You True.
 Day Gun

December 24, 2017

Trophy Hunt

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Dear ones beware,
there are trophy hunters out there
who long to skin bare
your conquered carcass without care.
Never real or sincere,
your love a meal for their lair.
For until you prepare
to shield yourself for spiritual warfare,
the wild horse of your heart
may be mounted like a trophy hunt.
Day Gun

December 6, 2017

The Longest Night!

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