September 16, 2020

Hermit Prepper

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Art Cred: Maarten Donders
When you get lonely enough
the flies don't bother as much.

Yesterday I laid a flattened snake
on a rock by the river
next thing you know
a snake came knocking at my back door.

It looks like we have 5 years or so
until the real shit storm.

I try to can, freeze and prepare
as much as I can
but then I host gatherings
and give to friends.

I guess that I'm a party prepper
which is way better than a party pooper.

Ever since a recent healing session
I experience waves of top-down energy
flowing through
often bringing me close to tears.

I may be suffering
from hug and love
deficit disorder.

Now when I see a man or woman
out and about; not wearing masks
they are so beautiful.

Half of my friends and family
no longer talk to me
as they think that I'm on
the "other" side.

I don't have time
to try
and convince them

Don't let anyone tell you
the age of Aquarius
is ruled by Satan or Saturn
it's Uranus not your-anus.

Firewood, candles, winter squash and homebrew
all these are covered
store other things so we have something to barter.

This season's parasites are telling me
it's nearly time
for another dry fast.

Funny how
now I look forward to
no talking
and drinking through baths.

I bet we ain't seen nothing yet
don't fret
psychic test.

When you're dead
there'll be time
to rest.

Day Gun

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