July 26, 2020

Bubble Boy

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Oh little bubble boy, big brother will protect you
The world is a scary place, but never let fear upset you.

You see, gradually we build up your immunity to pain
by slowly and persistently desensitizing you to the insane.

Right from the start, to protect you from a full boner,
we cut off the tip of your dick and give it to foreskin donors.

Won't be long after and we'll inject you with needles
full of heavy metals mixed with unwanted baby cells
this is to save you.

Oh did you catch a fever and ear infection,
here are some anti-bodies to destroy your gut protection.

Shhh shhh... why won't you stop crying,
after the ads your favorite murderous cartoon will resume lying.

Now you are copping such an attitude
double your fluoride tablets until you find gratitude.

You know we know what's best for your teeth
we'll drip this toxic waste into your water for relief.

Now you're all grown up but you still seem so sad
take these anti-depressants and be like your dad.

Oh oh,
oh oh
have you heard
there's a new virus in town and it came from the birds.

We're gonna have to lock this place down
put on a mask so we don't see your frown.

This is the new normal what can I say
just follow along or there'll be hell to pay.

Day Gun

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