September 17, 2010

10 Billion Beats tonight!

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you are free to do what we tell you

“Thought I’d share with you that the Peace Day Global Broadcast for the UN taking place Sept 17-21st is promoting 10 Billion Beats, and from our broadcast HQ discussion will be tying it together with Stand-Ups campaign to “make noise” for the Millennium Development Goals.  The United Nations Peace Day page at:

I hope it excites you as it does me.

One last reminder about the drumming.

It is the intention that matters most, but try to hold the beat at 4 beats per second for as long as you can.  That is very fast I know, but it is a doorway to a very special consciousness that will vivify the intention.

1.  Achieve a deep, calm, reverent, state of awareness.  (trance-like)

Like a prayer, this is one purpose for using the drum.  The “4 beats per second” tempo will help bring you to this state of awareness.

2.  Focus the intention with your heart, on a purpose greater than one’s self.

Imagine the highest representation of good you know igniting the intention in your heart and shining forth upon our Earth with every drumbeat.

A creation submitted by one of you for this occasion:

To Change the World

To change the world, we must first change our thoughts.

To change our thoughts, we need a new vision.

To create a new vision all we need do is imagine.

Will you help me change the world?

Imagine a world at peace.

Where neighboring countries and neighbors

Do all they can to help each other help themselves

And keep each other safe.

A world at peace

Imagine a world of abundance

Where Mother Earth and all Her inhabitants

Have their every need fulfilled

And there is plenty for all.

A world of abundance

Imagine a world of love

Where every country and everyone

Respects the rights of all; human, animal, plant

And all know they are needed and loved.

A world of love


Imagine a world fulfilled

Where every country and everyone

Knows they have special gifts to share with each other

And all know that they each have a purpose.

A world fulfilled


A world at peace…

A world of abundance…

A world of love…

A world fulfilled…

This is the moment that has chosen us.  We are the ones who have noticed.  We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Bless you all and have fun.

Ready, Set, Glow,

Carlisle, Geralyn, & Brent

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  1. Beautiful…I will be there.

    Comment by Holly — September 17, 2010 @ 6:33 am

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