August 6, 2020

Inverted World Keepers

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Dear keepers of the inverted world
as your titanic ship slowly sinks...

I accept and acknowledge your bravery
trained so well for underworld slavery
you fight for the hand that beats you
not seeing that your family line
has been beaten
from the beginning of inverted world time.

A black magic ritual
you put on a mask
to acknowledge your porthole prison cell.

All is well in the end
as we make our way back to where we begin.

Blessed be those who take the long way Home.

Round and round
a pit of suffering
this wheel generates power for deceivers
we swallow the storied bait; hook, line and sinker.

I bear witness to 4 crumbling pillars of society:
false history
corrupt science
profit driven medicine
blackmailed politicians
all lying
plain to see
for anyone choosing to be free.

Our choice is crystal clear;
fear, dependency and division
love, responsibility and united vision

Once and for All
I choose Love
Love is All.

Day Gun

August 5, 2020

Heart Closed City Folk

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I remember now
city folk close their hearts
up tight
risky fright
walking around
bunch of clowns
no love to be found.

Takes three days
to open your ticker
it's rough
I call your bluff
just afraid
old pain
nothing sane.

Too bad
so sad
could have been rad
oh well
just as well
we never fell
still bruised
still sore
still want you

Day Gun

August 3, 2020

Break the Wish Bone

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Break the wish bone
just be alone
get to the bottom and sing

No let the good times roll
unless the times are so square
they just won't roll

How far can this thing go
I don't know
let the string all the way out
then let go

I wish, I wish upon a star
rather than a bone
how far now
not far
just past alone

By the time you get here
all that will be left
our burning

Why don't you start
I'll meet you half way
today, tomorrow or the next

Day Gun

July 31, 2020

Queen of Swords

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such royalty you don't even have to try
your layers of beauty beholds my eye

you showed up in a reading long ago
I wrote a song then, destiny knows

the future doesn't have to be alone
a comedy now we choose to hold

each other or be left unknown
until the next fleeting disgrace

your smell lingers here
my favorite of all the tastes

wastes until awaken day
when fear is gone and play can stay

damaged goods we are right now
love you and your limpy dog meow

Day Gun

July 26, 2020

Bubble Boy

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Oh little bubble boy, big brother will protect you
the world is a scary place, but never let fear upset you.

You see, gradually we build up your immunity to pain
by slowly and persistently desensitizing you to the insane.

Right from the start, to protect you from a full boner,
we cut off the tip of your dick and give it to foreskin donors.

Won't be long after and we'll inject you with needles
full of heavy metals mixed with unwanted baby cells
this is to save you.

Oh did you catch a fever and ear infection,
here are some anti-bodies to destroy your gut protection.

Shhh shhh... why won't you stop crying,
after the ads your favorite murderous cartoon will resume lying.

Now you are copping such an attitude
double your fluoride tablets until you find gratitude.

You know we know what's best for your teeth
we'll drip this toxic waste into your water for relief.

Now you're all grown up but you still seem so sad
take these anti-depressants and be like your dad.

Oh oh,
oh oh
have you heard
there's a new virus in town and it came from the birds.

We're gonna have to lock this place down
put on a mask so we don't see your frown.

This is the new normal what can I say
just follow along or there'll be hell to pay.

Day Gun

July 25, 2020

Assumption Bus

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Dark forces’ party favor, evacuate yourself with should behavior. 
This is a poem to trip up your feed.
What channels are really safe to believe.
I know not what to trust, but inner God self is a must.
I love you nuts in the assumption bus, what’s all the fuss with saying you’re nuts.
Truly test your investments before you buy in,
corruption abound to deceive us dear friend.

Day Gun

July 24, 2020

Diaper Face

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Dear Gov Walz,

While reusable diapers are nice, to be clear I fear it won’t be enough to stop the bullshit squirting from your face. A disgrace: you, now the state and anyone who capitulates with this masquerade.

Day Gun

July 3, 2020

Open 4 Beeswax!

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Hollyhock Hewitt Bed & Breakfast


June 23, 2020

True Freedom

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So friends what have you been up to during this world wide reset? How far have you slipped down the rabbit hole of questioning… everything?

Thankfully, you and I have the free will choice of what we will consent to and what we will participate in. One beautifully unpredictable aspect of humans is our ability to rapidly adapt to new circumstances and this is exactly what I’ve been putting my energy into these daze.

The past few months have been challenging in many ways to say the least, but having all this extra time on my hands has opened me up to some rather remarkable discoveries. I am reading Arthur Firstenberg’s book; “The Invisible Rainbow” which connects major illnesses, disease and world wide flu outbreaks in the past with solar electromagnetic activity and technological releases throughout history. The book details how in 1889 power lines were first introduced coinciding with the 1889 influenza pandemic… in 1918 the radio era began which was the same year of the great Spanish flu pandemic… radar was first used in 1957 which matches the Asian flu pandemic of 1957 and the satellite era began in 1968 which ushered in the Hong Kong flu pandemic that same year. See a pattern?

Humans are highly sensitive electrical beings, so any changes to our environment or terrain if you wish, are going to likely have affects on us. Cellular phone companies began deploying 5G technology worldwide in 2019. China officially launches 5G networks on November 1, 2019. So here once again we have a correlation between a worldwide “pandemic” and the release of a new technology. So how might we adapt to our changing environment?

Through my research, I have come across information that suggests the number one thing we can do is to have an EMF (electromagnetic field) proof sleeping environment which provides our bodies time to heal and repair, so we are more capable of handling our ever increasing EMF world. Of course, don’t forget about eliminating as many other toxins as possible to give your body a break including: avoiding GMOs & pesticides (grow your own food or find clean sources), avoid chemical laden water (this could get easier in the near future) and last but not least eliminate the stress in your life as much as possible. May I also suggest getting da hell’ out the cities while you can!

Over the last few months I have been building an EMF proof apartment in my basement. My strategy is to use wiring shielded in metal conduit with all of the walls and entire ceiling first covered by reflective bubble insulation overlayed with metal panels. I’m still working out what to do about the windows and will either bite the bullet and buy silver lined fabric for curtains or temporarily create inserts for the windows using the reflective bubble insulation. It has also been shown with an EMF meter that metal screens have some shielding capabilities.

I titled one of my previous posts; “Pass Through the Gate” and honestly I believe if you pass through the gate and leave fear and division behind at this time, you will have the potential to achieve true freedom. There is an opportunity right now to redesign our lives and come together to create better communities, states, governments and a better world. This involves no longer looking outside of ourselves for leadership. Remember that you are the leader of your own life and government is only there to serve.

“He only earns his freedom and his life who takes them every day by storm”. Goethe

So are you ready for true freedom???

June 16, 2020

A Love Note from Faith Javane…

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“Pain has its function. Pleasure and pain are closely related; it is our handling of these opposites that pushes us on to either success or failure. Each has a thousand faces and holds an equal number of temptations and tests.

“Pain that we cannot forget
Falls drop by drop upon the heart
Until in our despair
There comes wisdom
Through the awful Grace of God.”

Aeschylus 525-426 B.C.

The awakening of Divine Love in us often comes through pain and loss. A crisis in life often leads us to turn to God; therefore, a crisis often comes before a more reverent and spiritual condition in life. Sometimes people can honestly say, “It is good for me that I have been afflicted that I might learn Thy statutes.” (Psalms 119:71)

Pain is the quickest way of awakening us to a search for God. Pain without physical cause (mental or emotional pain) may be seen as a “seed” for a different life, a life of more purpose and deeper meaning. “Whom God loveth, He chasteneth.” (Hebrews 12:6) Pain is a warning to do something, to use our exess energy more constructively. If we are emotionally or psychically hurt, we suffer intensely because of our high charge of unfinished evolution. We must find ways to let this pentup energy pass. To eliminate pain we must achieve a new quality and intensity of awareness and express our energies in a new form of living.

Our real need is for an enlarged consciousness. Pain will disappear as evolution progresses. Truth reveals that love is finally ascended through pain, and not through pleasure. As pleasure marks the descension of the forces in the material world, so pain marks their ascension. Every ego makes the Prodigal Son journey through the Earth plane before being received into the Father’s House, where the law of sin and death is superseded by the law of Christ’s Love.”

Taken from Faith Javane’s book; “Master Numbers: Cycles of Divine Order”.

June 14, 2020

Don’t Get Lost Out There…

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June 10, 2020

Pass Through the Gate

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Hey Peeps,

Please disregard my shitty blog aesthetics these days, as I am in the process of migrating my website and feel lucky to even have access to my old blog content as I thought it was gone daddy gone, but thanks to my brilliant Friend Dan Reetz my blog’s beat goes on! THANK YOU DAN! <3 <3 <3

Curious and exciting times we live in… so much Truth is being revealed… can you dig it? Can you handle it? Best to pack lightly and stay nimble on your feet and in your mind is my motto and I am one stubborn self willed bastard let me tell you, but every day I work towards letting go and surrendering more and more to the Divine.

Here is a helpful poem/meditation that a spiritual teacher shared with me called; “Dear Heart, Come Home: The Path of Midlife Spirituality” by Joyce Rupp.


as I stood at the door of "Go Deeper"
I heard the ego's howl of resistance,
felt the shivers of my false security
but knew there could be no other way.
inward I traveled, down, down,
drawn further into the truth
than I ever intended to go.

as I moved far and deep and long
eerie things long lain hidden
jeered at me with shadowy voices,
while love I'd never envisioned
wrapped compassionate ribbons
'round my fearful, anxious heart.

further in I sank, to the depths,
past all my arrogance and confusion,
through all my questions and doubts,
beyond all I held to be fact.

finally I stood before a new door:
the Hall of Oneness and Freedom.
uncertain and wary, I slowly opened,
discovering a space of welcoming light.

I entered the sacred inner room
where everything sings of Mystery.
no longer could I deny or resist
the decay of clenching control
and the silent gasps of surrender.

there in that sacred place of my Self
Love of a lasting kind came forth,
embracing me like a long beloved one
come home for the first time.

much that I thought to be "me"
crept to the corners and died.
in its place a Being named Peace
slipped beside and softly spoke my name:
"Welcome home, True Self,
I've been waiting for you."

March 23, 2020

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March 12, 2020

Wilderness of Being

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Dehydrated, angry and sad
stubborn self willed
mechanical man
his hand
once again
to the Truth dealer.

Taken for granted
my love is out
of fashion
breaking spiritual laws
a pastime?
or perverted passion?

Guided by guides
still blind
after so many lives
each time you fall
you lose
your wings.

Saturn Pluto conjunction
what’s my function?
contradictions abound
I miss your being
the one you haven’t found.

Day Gun

February 28, 2020

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February 26, 2020

Slip N’ Slide

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Lower self slip n’ slide
grab the hose and wet the ride.

Noose trip fall booby trap
self inflicted vice price wrath.

There must be a higher path
walked by those who under-stand.

That once you open the gate
demons flood a poisoned fate.

Well here I go, so long for now
may we rise and meet in Love

Day Gun

Fear is the Mind Killer

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Fear is the mind killer.
Fear is the little death
that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass
over me and pass through me.
When it has gone past me
I will turn and see fear’s path.
Where the fear has gone
there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.

Taken from Dune

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