Say What #227

“Cruisers Making a Portage” by Phillip Goodwin
What isn't projection
make believe maya deception 

What can one say or do
that doesn't fill ignorant shoes

What just might be possible 
if reality truly malleable

What way to portage from here
lose all inflammatory baggage dear

What part can't be play
implement this yesterday

What still creates fuss
seek out source ditching must

What about getting lonely
hand on heart breath love in only

What are we waiting for
victimhood such a boring chore.  

Day Gun

Any Given Day

Bored in the USA

One of Service #220

“Moses Erecting the Brazen Serpent” by William Blake
Where the hell are we anyway
temptation station mental cage

tripping tantrums spank each other
shadows surface breed down under
blindly beating back the fears
consistent corruption every year

find freedom from toil coil
while living past endless turmoil
by taking time for prayer each day
gratefully surrender wins and mistakes

only with Spiritual connection
weather storms of personal deception
in every single failing flaw
see what's real throw off the rot

by mapping Truth through our witness
life becomes one of service.  

Day Gun

Circle Eights

The Incarnation of Ahriman

Paintings by Rudolf Steiner 0023
"If we ask who stirs up nations against each other, who raises issues that control and direct humanity today, the answer is Ahriman and the ahrimanic deception which plays into human life.  And in this sphere people very easily succumb to deception.  They are not willing to descend to the lowest strata where reality is to be found.  For, you see, Ahriman skillfully prepares his goal beforehand; ever since the Reformation and the Renaissance, the economist has been emerging in modern civilization as the representative governing type.  That is an actual historical fact.  If you go back to ancient times, even to those that I described today as luciferic, who were the governing types then?  Initiates.  The Egyptian Pharaohs, the Babylonian rulers, the Asiatic rulers-- they were initiates.  Then the priest-type emerged as ruler and really remained so right up to the Reformation and the Renaissance.  Since that time the economist has had the upper hand.  Rulers are in fact merely the henchmen and enforcers of the economists.  One must not imagine that the rulers of modern times are anything but the economists' agents.  And all that has been enshrined as law and justice is, if one scrutinizes it carefully, simply a consequence of a thinking dictated by economics.  In the nineteenth century economics was, for the first time, replaced by a thinking based on finance and banking; and in the nineteenth century was created for the first time the whole financial system which swamps every other relationship.  One must only be able to examine these things and follow them up empirically and practically." 

Taken from Rudolf Steiner's lecture in Zurich, October 27th, 1919