September 19, 2020

Pitbull Junk

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Today I got bit three times
by a pitbull

Once in the hand
once in the leg
and once in the junk

I was on my way
to the compost pile

Hi there puppy
what the fuck

Now I sit here
wondering why

I bleed from my balls
for the very first time

Day Gun

September 16, 2020

Hermit Prepper

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When you get lonely enough
the flies don't bother as much.

Yesterday I laid a flattened snake
on a rock by the river
next thing you know
a snake came knocking at my back door.

It looks like we have 5 years or so
until the real shit storm.

I try to can, freeze and prepare
as much as I can
but then I host gatherings
and give to friends.

I guess that I'm a party prepper
which is way better than a party pooper.

Ever since a recent healing session
I experience waves of top-down energy
flowing through
often bringing me close to tears.

I may be suffering
from hug and love
deficit disorder.

Now when I see a man or woman
out and about; without a mask
they are so beautiful.

Half of my family
no longer talks to me
as they think that I'm on
the "other" side.

I don't have time
to try
and convince them

Don't let anyone tell you
the age of Aquarius
is ruled by Satan or Saturn
it's Uranus not your-anus.

Firewood, candles, winter squash and homebrew
all these are covered
store other things for something to barter.

This season's parasites are telling me
it's nearly time
for another dry fast.

Funny how
now I look forward to
no talking
and drinking through baths.

I bet we ain't seen nothing yet
don't fret
psychic test.

When you're dead
there'll be time to rest.

Day Gun

September 14, 2020

Wet Dream

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I came out of hiding to meet you in the 5th dimension...

the trees had multiple personality disorders
you walked on the left hand side the whole time
the wind off the lake blew your sultry smell towards me
you pulled a reading so I could spill the beans
even your barefoot lead couldn't ground the two of us
what day is it anyway
could you feel the heat through my chastity belt
I never told you about my wet dream
somewhere secret you keep Tesla's healing invention
Arizona is a lucky man

Day Gun

September 11, 2020


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We are played
and again
and again
and against
each other

you and I
dear sister
and brother

which side
do you
turn on
love knight
fear pon

hooked up
to higher
or lower forces

we channel
the frequency
of connection
or divorces

from our True
of Being

inverted world school
is for deceiving

our bars
are clay
our chains
the door
is open

I'll see you
the block.

Day Gun

September 9, 2020

Sling Shot Woman

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Sling Shot Woman
is deep
and wise

having lived many lives
she strives
to open wide
the conduit
to the Divine

never compromising
her mission
to teach and heal
as many
as she can

with Will

and a strong angel touch
heavenly warrior
for truth
and love

one of God's marvelous blessings
from above.

Day Gun

September 4, 2020

Then That Wink

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Many words were said
laughs were even had
lost in your eyes the whole time
and then that wink.

I am struck
by this moment.

Day Gun

August 25, 2020

Crash Course Fashion

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Sometimes passion
ends in crash course fashion

Why mess around
burn the fucker to the ground

What grows next
will put you to the test

Repetition repulsion
or abundant love forever fountain

Exterior mirrors
our hidden wounds and fears

A partner shows
where we need to grow

Takes two up
for dirty tango

Can I have this dance
these are my city pants

Can't beat this fun
1 2 2 1

Day Gun

August 23, 2020

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August 16, 2020

A Pastime

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I have searched far and wide
for one who can handle
my shirtless, commando kilt nature

Many have fallen for my he-man hair
only to lose steadfastness
faltering later

Could this be the love
we've searched for
since the beginning of time

One that can valiantly serve each other
and your little ones
more than just fine

Please don't mind my giant standing stone
it's been awhile
since I dreamt this hard

No harm in dreaming
it's how I pass the best Apocalypse ever
still in charge

Now how do we transcend
this distance bit
and finally come together

I'll keep praying on my end if you cover yours
when we combine forces
nothing can deter

Day Gun

August 13, 2020

Amiss Go Nuts

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Beautiful women
it all before.


bogus poets
love longer.

over the moon
made of gee whiz.

Not so
waiting for takers.

and drunken sailors.

won’t you
follow me.

over here
around the corner.

go nuts
stand tall and wait.

Would you rather
be eaten
by a snake
stepped on
by a giant?

Either way
fate may
wreck your shirt.

Day Gun

August 11, 2020

Critique of Your Park

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While I was sad to see
that most of your park
was closed after dark
I couldn't help but fall
for your unique chic wilderness.

Lacking any bit of signage
I got lost for what seemed like mileage
until a limpy dog announced with one single bark
hey dummy stop trying so hard to date a park.

Not being one to stay in his lane
my hubris has been known to cause pain
but I'm working on this dear in therapy
please believe me.

Now if I ever get the chance to return
with the agreement lessons I have learned
expect a different kind of man
a different type of explorer completely.

For what I have learned so studiously about love
is that it burns in my heart like a flame
never ever to be contained
only needing to be shared
with every creature without care.

You see this great fire will burn alone
until another finally decides
to burn with me.

Day Gun

August 7, 2020

Children of the Mask

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Dearest of souls 
forever traumatized by masked faces
my heart goes out to you
in all cases

when you look back at your childhood
what will you think
of what has been done

while I bitch and whine
from a snip here
and a santa claus there
nothing compares
to the burden you bear

will the witness
or participant
need more therapy
what is the business plan
we'll have to wait and see

if a baby taking
holy water to the face
by gun point
doesn't wake us up in mass
I book my ticket now
for the next planet
with more class.

Day Gun

August 6, 2020

Inverted World Keepers

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Dear keepers of the inverted world
as your titanic ship slowly sinks...

I accept and acknowledge your bravery
trained so well for underworld slavery
you fight for the hand that beats you
not seeing that your family line
has been beaten
from the beginning of inverted world time.

A black magic ritual
you put on a mask
to acknowledge your porthole prison cell.

All is well in the end
as we make our way back to where we begin.

Blessed be those who take the long way Home.

Round and round
a pit of suffering
this wheel generates power for deceivers
we swallow the storied bait; hook, line and sinker.

I bear witness to 4 crumbling pillars of society:
false history
corrupt science
profit driven medicine
blackmailed politicians
all lying
plain to see
for anyone choosing to be free.

Our choice is crystal clear;
fear, dependency and division
love, responsibility and united vision

Once and for All
I choose Love
Love is All.

Day Gun

August 5, 2020

Heart Closed City Folk

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I remember now
city folk close their hearts
up tight
risky fright
walking around
bunch of clowns
no love to be found.

Takes three days
to open your ticker
it's rough
I call your bluff
just afraid
old pain
nothing sane.

Too bad
so sad
could have been rad
oh well
just as well
we never fell
still bruised
still sore
still want you

Day Gun

August 3, 2020

Break the Wish Bone

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Break the wish bone
just be alone
get to the bottom and sing

No let the good times roll
unless the times are so square
they just won't roll

How far can this thing go
I don't know
let the string all the way out
then let go

I wish, I wish upon a star
rather than a bone
how far now
not far
just past alone

By the time you get here
all that will be left
our burning

Why don't you start
I'll meet you half way
today, tomorrow or the next

Day Gun

July 31, 2020

Queen of Swords

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such royalty you don't even have to try
your layers of beauty beholds my eye

you showed up in a reading long ago
I wrote a song then, destiny knows

the future doesn't have to be alone
a comedy now we choose to hold

each other or be left unknown
until the next fleeting disgrace

your smell lingers here
my favorite of all the tastes

wastes until awaken day
when fear is gone and play can stay

damaged goods we are right now
love you and your limpy dog meow

Day Gun

July 26, 2020

Bubble Boy

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Oh little bubble boy, big brother will protect you
the world is a scary place, but never let fear upset you.

You see, gradually we build up your immunity to pain
by slowly and persistently desensitizing you to the insane.

Right from the start, to protect you from a full boner,
we cut off the tip of your dick and give it to foreskin donors.

Won't be long after and we'll inject you with needles
full of heavy metals mixed with unwanted baby cells
this is to save you.

Oh did you catch a fever and ear infection,
here are some anti-bodies to destroy your gut protection.

Shhh shhh... why won't you stop crying,
after the ads your favorite murderous cartoon will resume lying.

Now you are copping such an attitude
double your fluoride tablets until you find gratitude.

You know we know what's best for your teeth
we'll drip this toxic waste into your water for relief.

Now you're all grown up but you still seem so sad
take these anti-depressants and be like your dad.

Oh oh,
oh oh
have you heard
there's a new virus in town and it came from the birds.

We're gonna have to lock this place down
put on a mask so we don't see your frown.

This is the new normal what can I say
just follow along or there'll be hell to pay.

Day Gun
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