June 11, 2012

Hey, it’s been awhile!

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Dear Campers,

Yeah, it’s been awhile!  Hope you are taking advantage of the wonderful Summer so far.  This evening we finished planting the garden here at the Abandoned Scout Camp.  This ends the 3+ month process of starting seedlings in doors and in the cold frame and then finally transplanting outside.  It appears that this year’s crop could be better than ever.  It amazes me how the gardens keep multiplying year after year.  Someday we hope to lose the yard completly and only have gardens!  (Smokey would not care too much for this.)  Well we have been busy, I promise.  Music making is in the air and in the hall.  Leon Boots spent this past weekend at camp laying down more tracks for their upcoming album to be released on A.S.C.  You can listen in to this and other projects at:


Our attention has also turned to this year’s Barter Fest September 22nd, 2012.  You will find Leon Boots, The Juggernauts and many more acts to be announced over the next few months at this year’s Barter Fest.  This one is not to be missed!  For real.

Love always,

Ralph E. Cook

September 10, 2011

Barter Fest Music Schedule

Here is the line up for this year’s Barter Fest:

12:00-12:30                Dorthy Fix

12:40-1:10                  Scott Wegner

1:20-1:50                    Buffalo Skin

1:55-2:00                    Michael Mitchel

2:10-2:55                    Pickers & Grinners

3:05-3:50                     Juggernauts

4:00-4:45                    Wooded Hearts

4:50-5:35                    Brenda Weiler

5:45-6:15                    Colleen Myhre

6:15-7:00                    The Brothers Burn Mountain

7:00-7:45                    Skytree

7:55-8:40                    Amanda Standalone

8:50-9:35                    Party Store Minnows

9:45-10:30                  Leon Boots

10:30-11:15                The Push

11:15-????                    Guy Jean & DJ Nola

August 30, 2011

Barter Fest oh, oh here she comes!

November 24, 2010

More from Barter Fest…

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Through the Eyes of Leroy


September 15, 2010

Who’s coming to Barter Fest?

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Leon Boots


August 26, 2010

Musical Schedule For Barter Fest

12-12:30pm        Scott Wegner

12:45-1:45          Pickers & Grinners

2:00-2:15            Michael Mitchel

2:30-3:15            Branditos

3:30-4:15            Buffalo Skin

4:30-5:30            June Panic’s Wife & June Panic

5:45-6:45            Juggernauts

7:00-7:30           10 Billion Beats

7:30-8:00            The Spin Collective

8:00-9:00            The Push

9:15-10:00          Dorthy Fix

10:15-11:00        Leon Boots

11:15-12:30am    Squib

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