The Last Beat of My Heart


  1. May 15, 2021; a curious guild of unruly souls will gather to build connection and interdependence in Hewitt, MN.
  2. Campfire – set your intention for the month, saying goodbye to what no longer serves you.
  3. Potluck – bring a dish or beverage to share.
  4. Barter- trade and promote your creations and items of abundance. The practice of bartering is to assign, discuss and agree on a shared value with each transaction.
  5. Camp out – pitch a tent or bring a sleeping bag as there is plenty of space to crash for out of town travelers.
  6. Drumming & Music – bring a drum or instrument and let me know if you would like to perform.
  7. Message me for address and secret knock… bring friends!


Kiss of the Oceans

Taken from “The Science of Love” by John Baines
"Love is neither born nor cultivated by "spontaneous generation" but requires the will and concern of both a man and a woman.  Love is a mixture of attraction, empathy, harmony, sentiment, reason, concern and communication between inner worlds.  It is reserve, modesty, respect, admiration and giving.  It is also mutual recognition of two mature "I's" who seek to penetrate each other."  

“Trust the Science”

Taken from “The Science of Love” by John Baines
"...for true love is something which involves the whole individual and not just his emotions or hormones.  It is not possible to grasp love without first gaining control over one's inner world through spiritual evolution.  Spiritual evolution and love are two concepts which go hand in hand; they are inseparable.  Without spirituality, one can only have an imitation of love, a sad comedy whose inevitable end is disillusionment in the face of nothingness."

All Aboard!

In the Devil’s Territory

Palaces of Montezuma

Lonely People

Key 2 Wholeness

From John Baines book; “the stellar man

…analyzing our physical body, we will discover that it possesses bipolarity. Thus, man is masculine from the solar plexus down and feminine from this zone up to and including the head, while with woman, the opposite is true. In this manner we can observe that woman is cerebrally masculine and man cerebrally feminine. The principle of conception in man is in his imagination and in woman is in her uterus.